Strawberries, crafting and being lazy.

Picked over 11 pounds of strawberries last night. Freezing some to snack on, then we're probably gonna try strawberry muffins and strawberry cream puffs.

Still working on Justin's graduation gift. Hoping I get it done this week.

Start my summer class on Monday. Fingers crossed it'll go okay since it's 5 weeks, 4 days a week for 2 hours each day instead of spaced out over a full semester. And it's Verrecchia so that has a whole level of fear attached with his seriousness.

I've been working on focusing on Justin when we talk, and we've saved talking for the evenings instead of texting throughout the day. We're starting to FaceTime because my therapist recommended talking on the phone so we can hear each other which is better than texting. I just have to focus on being a good friend since it's apparent that I haven't been to him.

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Comments (5)

  1. noahbody

    Your therapist is smart…. texting is twice removed from real contact. Phone’s are only once removed.
    Strawberry jam? Preserves?

    June 07, 2014
    1. alishaquigley

      it’s just so weird to me to talk on the phone, I’ve never had any friends that I talked on the phone with, so this is new to me. When I told Justin about her wanting us to use phone calls, he said he actually loves this idea and I’m the first friend he hasn’t had regular phone calls with. She has also suggested I write him a letter, telling him how much I do care about him and other things, because this will be something he can open up and look at whenever he’s thinking I don’t care, versus when I send him reminder texts. And no strawberry jam, we have plenty left from last year when we picked 20 pounds. We’re going to try the cream puffs, muffins and attempt strawberry whoopie pies again. We tried last year with that and it was a huge fail, sadly. The cookie part was alright but the filling ended up being really liquid-y.

      June 08, 2014
      1. noahbody

        LMAO! Now that really highlights the differences between generations….

        June 08, 2014
        1. alishaquigley

          Haha I suppose it does. I’ve just never been a phone call type person though, even when I was younger and phone calls were the way to talk to someone, I never talked on the phone. But we’ve facetimed now and I’m starting to like it, so hopefully this will help our friendship.

          June 08, 2014
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