Pork, sleet and studying.

Pouring down rain to start out today.

Went to a meat bingo with my mom and her friend and some of her family. I won a pork variety pack that consisted of 14 pork loin chops, 8 boneless ribs, and a big pork roast chunk. However I'm not a pork fan and might eat it every few months so it'll last us awhile. I'm just glad I didn't win the sausage variety pack or 5lb bag of hamburger meat & 5lb bag of hot dogs.

By the time we got home, sleet was mixing in with the rain. For the past hour and some, snow has been mixing in, enough to where the ground is turning white.

Now I need to seriously start studying and writing out answers to the short answers and essays for social pysch since I have a test on Tuesday....

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