New beginnings?

Come to the conclusion that Justin is toxic to me right now. He's gone from constructive criticism to just plain criticism and focuses on my bad rather than encouraging my positives. I read some of our texts directly to Kristen today, and what she gathers is he's blaming me for how he feels. And it's not right because he controls how he feels and is allowing me determine his moods.

Now that he's not speaking to me for who knows how long, I can focus on myself instead of worrying about our friendship. I need to learn that I can't please him and shouldn't try to.

Kristen does see that a break in the friendship could help to clear the air and start over, but she also thinks he's full of crap and is being a shit friend to me now and is just blaming me for everything rather than own up to him upsetting me and bringing some problems on.

For now, I'll work on being positive to myself.

I also need to really be serious about trying to lose weight. I did just start doing fruit infused water to get me to drink more water, and I'm doing the combos that are to help boost metabolism.

Any encouragement or advice on weight loss would be appreciated.

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  1. yayuki

    Justin is disappointed and transfers his hurt to you… that is absolutely normal. This Kirsten sounds awfully like some counselor a friend of mine once visited, all theory about how people should behave. The problem is people they get people to focus on themselves which causes a lot of people who already think too much, they do that because the majority of the population never questions their thoughts and feelings… Didn’t do my friend any good because he developed fears and worries from the therapy he started. THerapy isn’t good for everyone, because a lot of things don’t need counseling… I am not kicking it in general, some people really are good at it and some people really need it.
    Counselors are generally against relationships that involve people who have a high influence on each other, they are absolutely for individuality and staying out of each others intimitate psychical areas to assure absolute control over own issues… could be an explanation why I don’t know one counselor who has a succesful relationship and I know ten people who after their studies work as one.
    Just take the time and don’t blame it on Justin. Take your own time to breathe and think.

    water is good for weight loss… fruist as first food in the morning are said to encourage fat deconstruction…
    and sports… find some sports that are fun

    June 17, 2014
    1. alishaquigley

      Kristen’s focus is on me and getting me to a good point. I feel like over time Justin has found it easier to just make it sound like everything is my fault and I’m 100% to blame.

      June 17, 2014
  2. amandaadanielle

    losing weight is very hard. I know personally! I swear to you this winter KILLED me. I did not do anything but eat and eat and eat. I gained like 30 pounds. When summer came around I decided enough is enough. How I am ever going to be happy with myself feeling like a whale. My weakness is soda and chips. So I started cutting them off slowly. (tear) Little by little I let them go and now I don’t even drink soda unless its diet(which is very rare) and chips I never eat unless my boys are eating them I’ll grab a couple. But my craving for them just went away altogether. I started off taking walks around the block. And honestly not only does it help your weight but it helps clear your mind. The alone time is much needed. (im not sure if you get alone time or not but i DO NOT. I have 2 toddlers and a boyfriend.So im basically a mom of 3 ha) Walking turned in to jogging and jogging turned into running. It took months! do not get me wrong. Weight does not just fall off unless you are doing it in a unhealthy way. so now here i am 22 pounds less. and trust me girl if I can do it you can. You just have to have it set in your mind that you can do it. Your happiness depends on it. Do it for yourself. because you are worth feeling beautiful in your own eyes. You can do it I have faith in you good luck!

    July 01, 2014
    1. alishaquigley

      I have really cut back on how much junk I eat in the past year. I used to take a bag of chips and just eat so many, but now when I have chips I can take the bag and just eat a few. And soda, I usually get when I go out to eat, or sometimes I really want it at home but luckily, I like the sodas that you can find in the little 8oz cans so it’s better than drinking a regular sized can. My biggest problem is the craving for the gooey chocolatey something. I’m starting slow with exercise, I did write about this in the blog I posted last night on better health.

      July 01, 2014
  3. elliebaxter

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    June 08, 2017