Hershey Park christmas fun.

On Thursday, Justin and I went to Sweet Lights and Candylane. I didn't care much for the Sweet Lights, I guess the lights just don't appeal to me much anymore. And then we went to Hersheypark since the Candylane tickets are only $12, so really you can't pass that up, not when the summer tickets are $70 each. I didn't have to worry about any anxiety regarding roller coasters since they can't run in the winter, so that was good. I'm terrified of heights, especially open heights, even more so if my feet are dangling.

But really, that was the best night I've had in awhile, the happiest I've felt in awhile. We spent the night laughing and just having a great time.

I miss my best friend so much since we don't get to see each other much anymore. But I think the distance has been good for us, made us closer. We really don't get into arguments anymore. The only thing that sparks disagreement and negativity is the topic of his sister.

(She blatantly ignores me and gives me the cold shoulder and makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and unwelcome in their house, then tells Justin that I don't like her. Last time I was there, I tried to smile at her and she just stared at me. She came into his room, only spoke to him, and when I tried to talk to her in response to something she said to him, she just cut me off and started talking to him about something else. When this finally came up in conversation with him and me, he said he doesn't remember this happening. And this is a no win situation since it's his sister and even though I don't have siblings, I am aware that siblings are never wrong and they are never in the wrong).

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  1. alishaquigley

    He’s my best friend, not boyfriend.

    December 22, 2014