Greatest day in a longggg time

I'm so tired and just want to go to bed, but I'm so happy I have to capture it in a blog post.

Today Justin and I went up to King of Prussia mall. I get so stressed out, panicked feeling and my social anxiety soars sky high when I'm in settings like that, and both of us know this so before going we talked about it and knew we would have to take a few breaks throughout the day to allow me to chill out if I was getting tired or getting stressed.

We aren't sure if it was the alcoholic drinks we had at lunch or if I just was having a really really good day.

I didn't get stressed, feel socially anxious or feel closed in panic at all today!! I was actually just feeling calm, peaceful and happy.

After I got home and could just relax, I was thinking about how I felt all day and realized how good I was feeling mentally and I just felt so normal. I was texting Justin about it then and he said he did notice and he thought I was being really responsive to things he said to me (a lot of times I'd just smile or laugh and not really say anything) and I seemed so peaceful and genuinely happy. I still wasn't starting the conversations but I was responding more which was enough of a change and he said I was just so normal today it was a complete 180 from any other time we've gone out and done something like this.

I didn't think I was really showing my emotions on the outside so much, it was just mostly on the inside but Justin assured that it was showing on the outside.

I seriously hope I have more good days like that.

Oh and you also can't go wrong with Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes.

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Comments (3)

  1. yayuki

    Great day you had Hope you’ll have a lot of them – today Im happy too

    April 06, 2014
    1. alishaquigley

      thanks (: we were both pleasantly surprised how happy i was yesterday.

      April 07, 2014
      1. yayuki

        That’s great right

        April 07, 2014