First day.

First day of therapy. When I made the request of a younger aged counselor, I was expecting someone around age 30. Nope, I have this young girl who looks like she's only about 22. When I tried looking her up, what I found says she's an intern therapist at this place. Not to say that I think she won't be any good, I think I actually found it nicer that she's my age (or several years older) because it felt more like just talking to a girlfriend. I just didn't want some 50 year old woman where there would be such an age gap that would likely leave me feeling like I was talking to someone who could be my mother or aunt by age.

As Kristen said, the good news is that I am emotionally stable and she doesn't think I'm crazy.

Today I just mentioned these recurring dreams I've been having since being Zoloft and I think they could be an unconscious fear in the back of mind, mixed in with a situation that continuously infuriates me. Then she just asked me to talk about my childhood and past and anything that I think might have caused my depression or if I think it just happened with no triggers.

Went out to dinner with Justin tonight because he wanted bacon wrapped shrimp. I'm starting to think my mouth has a limited amount of talking it will do in a day. Because I just didn't have much to talk about with him and didn't start conversation and didn't respond much to him.

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