Feels like it's looking up.

Well. Sad news of the day that honestly makes me want to cry. Kristen (my therapist) is leaving this counseling place in a month. We are going to discuss transferring me to a new therapist, but I do have the option of just stopping therapy. I have a feeling I'll end up stopping, because I just can't imagine talking to any other therapist unless she's exactly like Kristen. I love how Kristen isn't much older than me, so she "speaks" the language of people my age and talks in a relatable way, not in some analytical psychologist way.

Got 23/25 on my third stats quiz. I'm trying not to get too excited so I don't jinx myself, but I think a 4 is going to be very possible, and it's very very rare to get a 4 in any class taught by Verrecchia. You're lucky to get a 3.5, especially because he's one of those profs who uses a different grading scale (94-100 = 4.0; 85-93 = 3.5; 77-84= 3.0).

I've also decided that I'll only be going every other week to therapy now, since I've run out of things to talk about during the sessions, and I think she's given me enough tips and advice that I can work on stuff now, and besides, nothing new really happens in the week.

I feel so much better, relieved, that Justin and I are okay and still friends. But I see a storm possibly forming because we have to talk out what happened. If we don't, and I let it go, it's just giving him the message that the things he says to me are okay to say and we'll just ignore it.

In comparison to how I feel mentally now, versus 6 months ago, I feel so different. Not completely better, but I feel an improvement in myself. I don't feel depression anymore. I still feel a lot of anxiety, but I recognize it now and know ways to cope with it.

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