Falling behind on here lol.

I really don't write on here much now. I don't feel the need to write out any thoughts or feelings so I guess that's a good thing?

Justin and I are good, he's gone until Aug 20th, he's out on the west coast with some group hiking through the national parks and camping.

I met a new guy on that dating site, and I've already met him in person. I went out to Philly last weekend and he came down from Long Island. I was really hesitant about it because he said he was coming down with his best friend and his friend's girlfriend was going to come out from Trenton to meet up with them. So it was going to be me with 3 people I've never met and Matt and them were planning for us to do most of the trip together. But I did talk to Matt and he agreed that we could stay separate for most of the day but we would meet up for dinner with them.

Spent the day with Matt, getting a feel for him and making sure nothing about him made me uncomfortable or nervous. Since I was going to spend the night in a hotel room with him, I knew I needed time to know him a little in person so if anything felt wrong, I could go home before the night.

It was crazy how I felt so at ease around him after only about an hour. He has a very outgoing, extroverted, positive personality. He's basically the polar opposite of me, but he has that positive air about him that I need in my life. He's so talkative and I had no problem reciprocating conversation with him.

Then it turned out that his friend's girlfriend had to cancel, so the 3 of us just went to a buffet for dinner instead of this insanely nice steakhouse as like a double date. I'm so glad the dinner place changed. Matt and Dan are both older than me (25 & 26) and have their real world full time jobs, so they have their larger salaries and seem to spend money no problem. Which is nottttt where I am in life, and since I don't know them, I hated that they paid for everything (the 2 hotel rooms in the super nice hotel, dinner, cab fares, plus their bus tickets for the ride to and from Philly). I mean they were going to pay my $40 fee to park my jeep in the hotels parking garage too.

I did have to stand my ground when they wanted to go to casinos, bars, hookah. Matt kept saying I didn't have to drink, smoke, do anything. But I'm so put off by those, the hookah and bars in particular. I gave him a really long hard look and he finally gave in and we didn't go.

But the weekend went really good, the thought of him makes me happy and I get those giddy butterfly feelings.

Talked about what we are to each other, and Matt said we're friendly but not quite friends yet, and we feel for each other in a romantic way as well, but need to spend time together to get to know each other and from there we'll figure out how we feel about each other and what we want to do.


And before anyone says it, yes I'm aware that doing stuff like that can be very dangerous. That is why I made sure we spent hours together in public first so I could get a feel for him. I also was texting Kat and Justin the whole time and made sure they knew where I was, what we were doing, where I was staying.

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Comments (3)

  1. yayuki

    Looks like you met some good people… Am glad you had a nice time, that you really enjoyed… Have fun and keep on doing only stuff you comfortable doing…

    August 03, 2014
    1. alishaquigley

      Thank you!

      August 03, 2014
      1. yayuki

        you’re welcome

        August 04, 2014