Calm before the stress.

Classes tomorrow, then off for break on wednesday and thursday.

Have nothing due tomorrow because I'm lucky as fuck to not have any classes that made a big paper due the day before break.

One of my profs decided not to have class tomorrow, so now I have an hour and 15 minutes of boredom coming my way.

Biology assignment due Dec 2nd, I actually got about half of it done on friday.

Historiography paper due Dec 9. No clue how I'll ever manage that shit.

I can't believe I only have 4 more days of class though and then my next to last semester of college is over...

So bring on the stressful nights of crying (not really, but I will be laying in bed struggling to just keep going with the paper).

Then I'll be able to make christmas cookies with Justin.

Oh not to mention I HAVE to complete an internship next semester in order to graduate and I haven't even looked yet.

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